Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 Day to go

Today was the last day where I would be getting into my boat for a training session before racing begins. Everything kicks off with the opening ceremony tonight then tomorrow its D-Day. For me this season has probably been the most complete, and fulfilling season. Three overseas tours in 8 months, no sickness and no time off due to injury so technically I am going into this regatta better prepared then ever! By the end of tomorrow I will be able to tell if it has ended as successfully as it began. The all important semi final, where I will need to place in the top 2 to make it into the A final. A final means Olympic Qualification. There are a few people who I must thank before tomorrow, who have been part of my support team and have delivered me here in the best possible shape.

Canoeing South Africa and SASCOC - The funding they have invested in me over the last few years (CSA) and this year (SASCOC) is astonishing and without it there is no way I would be doing this.

Coach Marcus - The best coach in the country in my eyes. The proof is in the pudding, Marcus has the top 3 athletes in the country under his wing and its a privilege to be part of his team. In the last 3 years he has taken me from being a half decent river paddler and turned me into a World Class sprinter, well done coach.

Garth Oliver - Bongo from EAP Active is one of two people who I will let touch my body (in a non dodgy, completely professional way). His physio treatments have kept my back in check and have allowed me to train as hard as I have this year. Best physio in Natal, without a doubt.

Julia Thomas - (The other person!) Jigs has been my physio whilst in Cape Town and on tour and has done as good a job as Bongo in keeping my body on top form during the rigours of overseas training and racing. As a team we would be at a loss without her.

Alex Joiner and the team at Sports Science - Bokkie has been monitoring us for the last few years and has done a great job in terms of sports science and the advice he gives Marcus. Without this scientific approach that we have adopted I don't think I would be in the same form as I am in now.

Greg van Heerden - Our High Performance Coordinator and manager whilst on tour. Greg runs around us needy, spoilt athletes on a daily basis and still seems to like us!

Garth Halgreen - My biokinetisist based down in Durban. For the last 2 years he has been helping to get my core strength up. It has been a pleasure driving down to Durbs on Thursdays for our core training sessions, well worth the effort.

Mr Price - The support I get for Mr Price is awesome. This sport doesn't attract much media coverage so for them to have invested in me was a huge gamble, I hope it has paid off. It has been a pleasure being associated with one of the biggest and most recognised brands in SA.

Timber 24 - Andrew Nicholson possibly the most generous person I know.

PVM - The supplements I have been using this year have definitely made all the difference. No failed drug tests, energy during sessions, optimal recovery after sessions. Quality, quality products.

My Folks - For letting me live on the farm and come and go as I please. Unquestionable support that has allowed me to keep being a professional athlete in a minority sport for the last couple years.

I hope I haven't left anyone off this list, if I have and you have been a pert of this team, thank you. You have all gotten me this far. Tomorrow its time for me to do my job.

I will keep my twitter and facebook profiles updated on how things go tomorrow. Keep an eye on those or go to the competition page on this blog and click on the link for Szeged2011 for results.

My race schedule:

Thurs (K1 1000) - heat 9:30, semi 14:30 - 15:00

Fri (K1 1000) - finals start 15:30
Sat 17:20 (K1 200 relay heat)
Sun 14:50 (K1 200 relay final)

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skills I want

All of you who complain about my driving.......its not my fault, I'm just trying to be like Mr Block......

Watch this in HD, its worth the wait.